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Rethink THe Win Lea B. Olsen

Rethinking the world of youth sports

Pressure to win at all cost. Kids no longer enjoying the game. Toxic environments for athletes, parents and coaches. It’s time to bring the fun back to youth sports. The mission of Rethink the Win is to inspire solutions leading to more positive experiences during this short time in the sporting lives of our kids.


Bring Back the Fun

Athletes won’t remember the individual wins or losses, but they will always remember a coach who brought positive energy, the camaraderie of friends and the mastering skills in an uplifting environment. I hope you will join me in this movement!


Taking a Break

Maya Moore, arguably the best women’s basketball player in the world, announced that she will be taking a year away from basketball. In an article in The Players Tribune Maya said that “my focus in 2019 will not be on professional basketball, but will instead be on the people in my family, as well as […]


9 Tips to Protect, Prepare and Propel Your Young Athlete

Protecting our youngest athletes is the single most important component that we can do as parents, coaches and others who support athletes.  It is imperative that you ensure that those working with your kids have taken background checks.  Make sure and ask your park houses and associations what their vetting process is and make sure they are consistent with […]


Connecting with the Community through Softball and Volleyball

My favorite part of my job is to get out in the public and speak to athletes from all across the country about their sport experiences. This summer Major League Baseball held their RBI softball national championships in Minnesota. The RBI programs serves young athletes from disadvantaged communities and gets them involved in softball and […]

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